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DefendX waterproof casesWhat we repair

  Apple Samsung Motorola HTC
 Screen replacement
$95 - $285
$95 - $295 $95 - $225  $95 - $285 $95 - $185 $70 - $235
 (Home) Button replacement  
$90 - $110 $90 - $110 $90 - $110 $90 - $110 $90 - $110 $90 - $110
 Speaker replacement
$90 - $110 $70 - $110 $70 - $110 $70 - $110 $70 - $110 $70 - $110
 Battery replacement
$70 - $250 $70 - $110 $70 - $110 $70 - $110 $70 - $110 $70 - $110
 Water damage repair
$70 - $250 $70 - $295 $70 - $250 $70 - $285 $70 - $250 $70 - $250
 Microphone repair
$70 - $110 $70 - $110 $70 - $110 $70 - $110 $70 - $110 $70 - $110
 Software update
$50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50
 Phone unlocking
$70 - $110 $70 - $110 $70 - $110 $70 - $110 $70 - $110 $70 - $110
 Data Backup
$70 $70 $70 $70 $70 $70
 General repair
$70- $70- $70- $70- $70- $70-

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Screen replacement

iPhone 5C screen replacement

Need an iPhone 5c screen replacement? No need to worry. In doing many iPhone 5c repairs we noticed that an iPhone 5c screen replacement is common. Even if you have a protective case and are very careful, the iPhone 5c screen is delicate and easily cracks. An iPhone 5c screen replacement can be easy and quick though, as long as you steer away from these iPhone 5c screen replacement dangers...

Don’t Wait With iPhone 5c Repairs

You may think you won’t need an iPhone 5c screen replacement if your phone still works, but we highly recommend getting iPhone 5c repairs as soon as possible. If the protective outer screen is broken, liquids and dirt can penetrate to the inner layers. This can cause further and more severe damage.

Don’t Do Your Own iPhone 5c Screen Replacement

Lots of people these days now try to do their own iPhone 5 repairs with the help of YouTube, or do-it-yourself kits, but doing your own iPhone 5c repairs is very dangerous. The hardware of a phone is delicate, and one wrong move can lead to severe damage, sometimes even irreparable damage. So unless you have extensive experience with hardware, we don’t recommend diy iPhone 5c repairs.

Simply put it’s best to leave iPhone 5c repairs such as an iPhone 5c screen replacement to professionals. PhoneRepairs.com.au offers iPhone 5c screen replacements and other iPhone 5c repairs within 48 hours, so you don’t have to worry about bad iPhone 5c repairs or having to miss your phone!

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Our repair service

With modern mobile phones getting easier and easier to break and more expensive to replace you’d be crazy not to go to a mobile repair shop to get any of your smart devices repaired. Casphone offers a first class mobile repair service and the convenience of mail in repair service or walk in repair service. Our services are unlimited repairing mobile phones, tablets and laptops regardless of the brand.

Time is no excuse our walk in service can be as fast as an hour having our highest quality repair completed so you can get on with your day. No booking required! Just drop into one of our stores, fill out some small details, drop back after an hour in when your next available and collect your device. Don’t waste your time with other repair stores get it done with our affordable first class service.

Unlike other companies Casphone offers a same day mail back service so there is no long waiting periods. Casphone does not waste time beginning the repair as soon as it’s received. No one has time to wait for their service provider to send their phone away for six weeks to be repaired. Have your phone back in three days with our mail in service. It’s so simple anyone can do it, just follow the links found on our main page casphone.com.au.

Smart phone repairs are one of our specialties. Repairing hundreds of smart phones a week Casphone has experience with all your leading smart phone repairsphones. Samsung repairs, HTC repairs, iPhone repairs, Nokia repairs, Blackberry repairs, Sony repairs, Motorola repairs THE LIST IS NEVER ENDING. Our first class mobile repair service is the only way to get your mobile repaired, drop into our store or mail in your phone today.

A tablet can’t be used to its full potential if it’s broken and sometimes can’t be used at all. Casphone can repair tablets so they can be used again. High quality fast repairs are available anytime in our stores for any iPad, Samsung galaxy, Acer tablet, asus tablet and Microsoft tablet. Can’t see your tablet on that list? Come in and enquire about it are services are unlimited for any tablet repairs.

Laptop repairs are now a service provided by Casphone. It’s far too expensive to replace a laptop it can cost thousands GET IT REPAIRED NOT REPLACED. Casphone can repair broken screen, broken charging port, broken keyboard, broken usb ports but is not limited to this list! Enquire today to save yourself time and money.

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