Micro soldering


We are not only one of the biggest phone and computer repair companies in Australia, but we also provide professional soldering and micro soldering service. Our professional technicians are able to solder a wide range of devices, such as mobile phone logic boards, backlight fuses, amplifiers boards, television logic boards, remote controls, cables, speakers, hifi devices, memory chips, toys, ans so on. Our service centre is located in the heart of Woolloongabba, Brisbane. 

What we solder

We basically solder everything. We not only do normal soldering, but also micro soldering. 

  • iPhone logic boards
  • Samsung Logic boards
  • Backlight coil
  • Filter, IC, diode, and coil soldering
  • Aplifier main board soldering
  • Computer motherboard soldering
  • Remote control soldering
  • Tablet logic board soldering
  • Hifi stereo circuit board soldering
  • General micro soldering
How it works

You can bring your device in to our Woolloongabba Service Centre in person, or send it to us from anywhere. We normally complete soldering jobs in 48 hours.


Since every single soldering job is different, we don't use a pricelist. Please call us, send us an email or pop in anytime to get a price. 

How to contact us

Casphone Service Centre
148 Ipswich Road
4102 QLD

Phone: (07) 3733 0960
Email: support@casphone.com.au

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